I’ve been told that I have a penchant for doing things without thinking them through… kind of like when I signed up for what I thought was a leisurely walk in Ireland which turned out to be an 8-hour climb up and down the highest mountain in Ireland. I sometimes jump into adventures without digging too deeply into the details. I mainly focus on the safety ratings and reviews of recent customers…the important bits. Snowboarding in New York was a different ball game for me.

Unlike some of my many not-well-thought-out adventures, conquering the sport of snowboarding got on my bucket list after an impromptu ski trip in Chile. After a few failed attempts, I decided New York would be the place where I finally conquered a major on my bucket list due to the proximity of the ski resorts to my home. Before embarking on the adventure I made sure to prep myself physically and have all the tools, I could think of to make sure my dream became a reality.

Snowboarding in new york
Photo by Tyler Tornberg

I wrote a series of articles detailing the preparation for the trip and a breakdown of my experience as a black woman snowboarding on Traveling Bouquet, but I couldn’t not come and brag about my experience on here, that would be sacrilegious.

If you plan to go snowboarding or skiing in the New York area, or anywhere in the world, the “black girl’s guide to snowboarding” preparation guide should help you no matter the type of ski trip you want to embark on. I tend to go on my adventure trips solo, but for folks who would rather not, I made sure to include group ski operators that cater to black people.

Beyond the prepping bits, I spent a total of 6 days working on becoming a competent snowboarder, along with eating way too much throughout the 11 days I spent traveling the Catskills to the Adirondacks. A ski trip is incomplete without highlighting the best spots to apres-ski and where to stay in each region, so make sure to also look out for those tips, enjoy!

Start the Journey of A Black Girl’s Guide to Snowboarding in New York Here

A black girl's guide to snowboarding in new york

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